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Archive for June, 2007


Blast From The Past

I’m back, maybe you thought i was dead, but you were wrong. Long time, no post. I’ve been up to alot of things lately, including another business venture, HSC Trials coming up soon more assessments and more working at coles the entrance, oh and yea I turned 18! (may 5th for those who didn’t know) This means a payrise and all these other things i can now get :) Got my video ezy membership last night with my free popcorn :D How was my 6 regular readers during the storms? Let me know who you are, leave a comment… I lost power thursday 5:00AM and it returned monday bout 7:00pm we have a generator so we weren’t that bad of, wamberal and foresters beach still dont have power as i’m writing this, I feel sorry for them as some friends haven’t had showers or washed clothes for a few days now and they STINK! 4 Trees went down where i was and powerlines were lying on the ground for ages. Today Matt.S showed me a ipod firmware called rockbox, i have heaps of games and stuff on my ipod now, very cool! .VK.