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Yellowcard New Album – Paperwalls Review

Yellowcard came most famous from their album Ocean Avenue which sold 2 million copies.

The album title Paper Walls comes from the song of the same name, which begins "Let’s burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls in this empty house." It’s a reference to the barriers that built up between the band members over the years and everyone’s desire to tear down the obstacles and heal old scars.

Album opener "The Takedown" starts with a shot – an indelible guitar hook and ferocious drums charge forth as Yellowcard’s trademark mix of airtight vocal harmonies, entwined guitar lines and flourishes of violin crackle with energy. "Fighting" brings together the band’s many strengths – tight, melodic, propulsive riffs gather steam before launching into an epic, undeniable chorus. And bruised but beautiful lead single "Light Up the Sky" has an even more massive payoff, its refrain won’t leave your head in this lifetime, but allows for some ringing dissonance beneath it all.

Overall I thought i was much better than their last disapointing album "Lights & Sounds" and it is much better than ocean Avenue. So get out there and buy it while you still can!

If you just want some tracks these are the best ones of the album:

"Date Line (I Am Gone)"
"Dear Bobbie"
"You and Me and One Spotlight"
"Cut Me, Mick"
"Paper Walls"


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