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Archive for September, 2007


Worlds Fastest Man Break His Own World Record

This is the latest 100m sprint record set by Jamaica’s Powell. He runs 9.74 seconds to better his previous 100M record. Read More ->


Actual Footage Of The Chasers APEC Prank/Gag – 3 Top Videos

The Chaser’s War On Everything pulls of another sweet prank!! Although they might have taken it a little to far this time as they have been charged and may face 6 months gaol. Currently they are on bail till they appear in court next month. EDIT: An interview with the boys claim that they spoke with the lawyers before they decided to do the prank, so good news for chaser fans :)

Overall $330 million was spent on security and the chaser boys made it 10 metres from George Bush’s hotel.

Heres the best 3 videos of the action that i found: Read More ->


The Big List Of Australian Bloggers & Search Feature

Ever wanted to find other aussi bloggers? Well this site/blog is compiling a big list of them with a search feature. Check it out!


Pre-Order “Is It Any Wonder” Year 12 HSC Music CD!

So most of the recording and tracks have been finalized, all the album art completed, and the cd will available late next week, pre-order now to avoid disappointment! Read More ->