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Free Stuff Day!

Freestuffday, the next big thing since the day money grew on trees! This new website has been all over TV in the past couple of months with heaps of people from the general public receiving free goods such as ipods! JOIN HERE –>

What is freestuffDAY?

Once a month – every month you can have the chance to secure an advertised item for free. This day is called "Free Stuff Day". Take a look at the banner at the top of this page to see when the next "Free Stuff Day" is and how many items are up for grabs.

Businesses that advertise with us offer these items for free because they want your attention. Take Pete for example, Pete’s Picture Framing could offer a quality, framed print for free on Registered users that would like to have that item for free can select his business to be one of their "Free Stuff Day Companies".


On the next "Free Stuff Day" these users have the opportunity of securing for free, Pete’s item or an item from any of their other selected "Free Stuff Day Companies". This chance is in return for allowing each selected Company to send them a single, once only correspondence through us within the month after that particular "Free Stuff Day".

 Your contact details are held only by us and are never passed on to anyone else. You will only receive this correspondence through us.

After any "Free Stuff Day" all of your "Free Stuff Day Companies" selections are automatically cleared and you can then start selecting for the next "Free Stuff Day" if you choose to.

Sound good? Join Up Now!


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