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Archive for January, 2008


Microsoft Office Ultimate 4 Uni/Tafe Students – Only $75!

This is a bargain for all uni/tafe students since its normally $1150!

Heres the details to see if you qualify:

You must hold a valid email address at an educational institution
geographically located in Australia listed here.

Be actively enrolled in at least part-time study.

Also, Individual must possess a valid e-mail address at one of the qualified institutions (see above)
through a recognised email domain validated with Microsoft. Students who do not have a valid email
account (as described above) will not be eligible to participate. If appropriate documentation is not
provided indicating that you are a current student, you will be liable to reimburse Microsoft for the full
retail cost of the software (AUD$1150.00).

Click here to get your copy!



UNI Results

I got 70.35 for my results which i was happy about, only 0.35 of from my estimation ;) I have been accepted into ourimbah uni which was my first preference and i am completing a bach. of commerce which should be great :) The uni info came in the mail today and it seriosuly took me around 3 hours to complete all the stuff online and read the books that i received. I will be starting on the 18th febuary, wish me luck!


New Server! Woooohoooo

soooooooooooo, i bet my 2 loyal readers have been wondering where i am? Well good news, im still allive :)


Heres a quick note of why theres no posts and what i’ve been up to:

  • I couldnt get onto my own site to post because the server was so bad, but now i have a new one and it is sweeeeeet!
  • I’ve been on holidays for 2 weeks in qld. I’m going to blog the holiday with pics and videos over the next coming weeks.
  • I’ve taken over content management for the website, and also am helping out the year 7’s group this year.
  • I built my brand new comp, specs and pics coming soon to make you all drool :P
  • I’ve been watching my traffic come through from google and i now get over 300 hits a day! :)
  • Uni & HSC News, stay tuned for them tomorrow
  • Phaser computers business will be in full swing next month, advertising in the newspaper and on my car :) If you know anyone that needs a new computer or a service call out to get their computer back up to full speed get them to give me a call

also, goals page now updated.

that is all