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Archive for April, 2008


Water Saving? Unlimited Showers?

It only happens on the central coast one in a while at the moment, but when dad says "kids, its long shower time" I usually smile at the idea of long hot 20 minute showers. You may be asking nooo, what about water restrictions and the community? Well guess what, our household is run totally on tank water and when those4 massive tanks start to overflow all over the ground we have to use it somehow.

So whos got some better ideas of how i could use the water? Currently i have done 2 full loads of washing and had a shower, but im sure i could wash my car again (tho it was done only 2 weeks ago). Anyone else have tank water and love it when they overflow?


Australian Christian Bloggers

Looking for other christian bloggers like yourself? Look no further and click here. If your not on the list make sure you add yourself.

You can also join the facebook group here


New ccecyouth website

Meet my latest and greatest project that has just been completed. Version 3.

With over a days work and 2 hours late int eh night merging is across heres whats new: 

  • WordPress 2.5 Architecture
  • Drop Down Menu At TheTop
  • Ajax search bar in the header
  • Theme change.
  • Phat countdown on the right
  • All pages updated and reorganised.
  • New POLL
  • We now have 4 Podcasts



Photoshop Express, The Flickr killer?

Meet adobe’s new site, photoshop express. Imagine flickr with a built in basic photoshop version and free 2gb storage and you have the ultimate online photo tool, photoshop express. Adobe is using its new air technology instead of ajax and it seems to be very fancy. Head over here to check it out and create an account.


Myspace to enter Music Playing Field With Itunes

"The service will roll out gradually over the next three to four months and offer free streaming music, unprotected MP3 downloads, ringtones, and e-commerce offerings such as merchandise and ticket sales, said MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe. The goal is to make MySpace a one-stop shop for everything music."

Read the article over here at Cnet.


Latest Pennywise Album for Free!- Reason To Believe

Grab Pennywise’s new album (genre= punk/rock)  for free on myspace at the moment, the only catch being you must have a myspace account and add “textango” as a friend. Add the friend here and allow 24 hours for your download link to be emailed to you. Please be advised some songs have explicit lyrics and may offend some listeners. My favourite song is One reason, let me know what you think of them.