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Learn How to Be A Critical Thinker

“A skill that involves your ability to reflect upon, to question effectively, and to suspend your judgment or belief in relevant knowledge.”

Critical thinking is an important skill for everyone, especially if your going to be a graduate. Critical thinking involves evaluation, reflecting upon and questioning assumptions and examining power relationships (whose interest is being served here.)

So how should we critical think when approaching issues or theories?

  • Weigh it up (compare x in relation to y)
  • Look at it from all the angles (look at the situation from as many points of view as you can)
  • Look back on (reflect upon and see it differently to how you originally saw it)
  • Look beyond what is there (look beyond the surface, examine the underpinning assumptions)

Critical thinking is very important in writing quality essays at university and a great skill for management or operating a business. As I’ve completed this course at uni my knowledge has widened in this area and I can do a better critical analysis than previous.

How’s your critical thinking?

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