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Australian Mobile Plan Chooser – Find The Cheapest Plan

Please let me know if you want a specific plan added or you have found an error in the spreadsheet (which is possible)


  • Gives best plan option, giving you option to input calls, mms, text, data usage and more.
  • Can add Data Packs
  • Auto Sort
  • Great Design
  • Light background on cells that are formulas
  • Direct link to the plans.

Current Flaws:

  • Need Excel 2007 or plugin for 2003 to view.
  • Doesn’t take into account if you have 5 services the ammount you would save for free calls to same network.
  • Not sure if Virgin includes pay as you go data in cap. If not, real cost will be higher.

Coming Soon:

  • More Plans
  • More information about plans.

NOTE: Before purchasing a plan it is good to check if all detals are are to date and you have read the flaws of the spreadsheet, making sure the flaw doesnt effect the rank of the plan your buying.


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