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Ardorpes Getting Older |21ish

So todays my birthday. Todays also where those thoundsands of forums I’ve ever joined send me a email wishing me that happy birthday, and where the record for text msgs by random people you haven’t spoken to in the past year also gets broken :)

I’ve been on this planet 21 years whole years. I’m not even the first to make a blog post about me being 21, my girlfriend beat me and she did a pretty good job (copied half of wikipedia tho yea brie? ;) ), so im not even going to attempt at beating it. (ps. its really good and you should all subscribe to her blog!)

This morning when i woke up, it was the first time i haven’t been with family on a birthday as i live in my own place, so that means no presents and no singing happy birthday. Devs :( –  As I write this, my parents are actually travelling around in a foreign country partying and celebrating without me, so I hear from them anyway.

First contact with my sister today was on facebook chat, and went something like this:

Her living without mum and dad the past month have obviously affected how she puts her sentences together lol.
Thanks to my mates they bought me Band Hero for PS3 and have been playing it quite a bit! Well Matt my house mate at least has.. ;)
Tonight im off to dinner with my sisters, grandparents and girlfriend for a lovely dinner. Might post some pics when i return.
For now, I leave you with this video, shes 16, Christian and she sings Justin Bieber’s song “baby” better than him. Chow!

  • Oi Mr 21, I actually knew some of those facts! Your post definitely beats my plagiarised one though ;) I love yol haha.


    May 5, 2010

  • no it doesn’t. plagiarism for the win.


    May 5, 2010

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