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Who owns this BLOG? Well that would be me, Rhys Evans.


Firstly before reading all the below dribble, please have a look at the commandments – a collection of values and the purpose of this blog.

  1. I blog for fun, informing special readers like yourself and the gals.
  2. I like to be the first blogger on the scene, or you may see me innocently walk away and whistle.
  3. I never make mistakes. Any mistakes are to be blamed on Microsoft or Microsoft Word for not correcting itself in the first place.

Here’s some questions that I would ask myself if I was you…

What the does Ardor Pes Mean?

Well my name is Rhys, a given name of Welsh Origin that translates to the word Ardor, meaning Passion, Eagerness & Strength.Rhys Evans

How old are you & where are you from?

I am 22 years old.  I live in NSW Australia.

Where do you study?

I finished the HSC in 2007 and am now studying a Bach. Commerce @ Newcastle University.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m Christian and my hobbies/interests include Skiing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Music, Surfing, Camping, kayaking and leading a year 10 bible study at EVYOUTH.

Besides studying, I Work four days a week at an accounting firm, do freelance webdesign and computer services, while also maintaining a few online business’s. Yes it pays enough to fill that car of mine :)

I wanna get in touch with you.

Well i want to meet you to! I know my little rant about myself really made yourself want to meet me. If thats the case (I know 99% of the time it is) then you can keep reading this blog by subscribing via this feed.


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