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Apples New Ipods & Software Line – Australian Prices

With so many news stories around I’d thought I would summarize the latest updates of apple regarding the new ipod range and software updates. If you would like to watch the apple ipod nano presentation video you can head over here.

Firstly, lets discuss the new ipods. image

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Picasa 3.0 Beta Release

It seems google is currently on a big software rollout, chrome yesterday, picasa 3.0 today and googles phone android is not long away either.

So whats new in picasa 3.0? Why should you upgrade?

There’s a brand-new feature called "name tags" in Picasa Web Albums that helps you quickly label all the people in your photos, so you can organize and share your photos based on who’s in the picture. Name tags uses advanced technology to automatically group similar faces together. That way, you can quickly label all the people you care about in your photo collection. Once you’ve labeled your photos, it’s then a snap to do things like create a slideshow with every picture of you and your best friend, or easily share party photos with everybody who appears in that photo album.

They have completely overhauled things like photo collages and slideshows, giving you more creative freedom over composition and layout. Not to mention a brand-new movie maker that can blend photos, video, webcam capture, and music to create customized movies that you can easily share on YouTube.

Theres heaps of other features that i havent listed here, but for more information Click here and head over to googles photo blog.

Download Picasa 3.0 HERE


35 Sites Where You Can Get Legit Free Music

Want some free music to add to your collection? Head over to this site where they have collated a very long list of legit music that you can download.


Media Monkey 3 – Music Managing Just Got Easier


I’ve been using Media monkey for about 5 years now and converted many people along the way to this awesome software. For those who hate itunes and I know you all hate windows media player, here is the solution. Media monkey 3! So don’t take my word word for it and down it over here.

“This release of MediaMonkey is a major upgrade over previous versions,” said Russell Samuels, VP Marketing at Ventis Media. “In addition to supporting the needs of serious collectors, version 3.0 is also slicker, more user friendly, syncs with more devices, adds Podcasting and Album Art browsing, and will appeal to almost anyone who feels that iTunes or Windows Media Player is too simple to meet their music management needs.”

The new release adds over 200 new features and improvements including. For more info on the latest release head over here.


My 19th Birthday is today. The 5th of the 5th 08

Sooo, another year has passed and im getting very old :(



More constant Fresh Content Now Enabled

I’ve just enabled this plugin that will deliver fresh content during the week, its called "the keyboard" and it works very well.

Starting from this week (tuesday) i’m going to deliver more content around the same topics rather than just being all random like the usual. "The Day Off" won’t mean i wont post anything on that day, just means it wont be a constant flow of posts every week like these other topics on dedicated days.


Monday: We will have the site news, what i’ve been up to recently regarding the web, business, studies and the like.

Tuesday: This my music review day where i’ll post a song or something.

Wednesday: Question of the week. Sometimes regarding christianity, sometimes just my thoughts on the world. Stay tuned.

Thursday: "The Day Off"

Friday: Friday Foto

Saturday: Bible Passage of the week

Sunday: "The Day Off"


Let me know what you think.