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WebWare 2008

Webware is back and nows your chance to vote for your favourite web 2.0 side. There is alot of sites i hadn’t heard of as well before i found this site, so check out some new ones as well.

Heres my picks:


  • – My Favourite Music site, suggests many new artists that i have never heard of that are fantastic. This also one the 2007 awards
  • Itunes – Where i buy most my single songs (or get them for free if you eat lots of allans lollies) :)


  • Firefox – Would you browse any other way without it? Bring on Firefox 3!

Commerce & Events

  • Ebay – Where i buy most tyhings and sell as well now a days.
  • Paypal – This has made business so much easier online


  • Gmail – Just great email and im
  • Meebo – All my IM’s on the go in a great online site
  • Msn Messenger – My Favourite Chat Client

Publishing & Photography:

  • WordPress – what would i do without it??
  • Twitter – Although i haven’t used it much this application is taking the web by storm

Search & Reference

  • Google – Other search engines just dont compare
  • Wikipedia – My Favourite way of finding quick information on stuff


  • – Get all your latest tech here
  • Facebook – I Love Poker, come and play with me on facebook :)

Utility & Security

  • Logmein – Enables me to use my computer anywhere i am in the world


  • Youtube – Good video service, if they could imporve the encoding it would be nice tho
  • Ustream – Although i havent used this i can see myself using it in the future with live youth talks and many more things.




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