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More constant Fresh Content Now Enabled

I’ve just enabled this plugin that will deliver fresh content during the week, its called "the keyboard" and it works very well.

Starting from this week (tuesday) i’m going to deliver more content around the same topics rather than just being all random like the usual. "The Day Off" won’t mean i wont post anything on that day, just means it wont be a constant flow of posts every week like these other topics on dedicated days.


Monday: We will have the site news, what i’ve been up to recently regarding the web, business, studies and the like.

Tuesday: This my music review day where i’ll post a song or something.

Wednesday: Question of the week. Sometimes regarding christianity, sometimes just my thoughts on the world. Stay tuned.

Thursday: "The Day Off"

Friday: Friday Foto

Saturday: Bible Passage of the week

Sunday: "The Day Off"


Let me know what you think.

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