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Ebay applying postage cost limits on certain categories Unfair


EBay has launched a new policy restricting sellers on the amount they can charge for postage. Over the past 6 months, eBay has implementing many new policies, that have annoyed myself and many other sellers. One previous policy even tried to force all buyers to use paypal, which ebay owns. Paypal charges the seller a fee on all transactions, so this polciy would boost their profits big time as no one could use direct bank deposits. Luckily the ACCC stepped in and rejected it.

Ok back to this postage policy, it restricts certain categories to maximum postage charges as follows:

  • Books AU $8
  • Comic books AU $5
  • Music, CDs AU $5
  • Movies, DVDs AU $8

Now why would they do this? Well buyers have been jacking up the postage costs, because the final cost of the item has a eBay fee of around 5%, but postage doesn’t count. This stops sellers getting around this and forces them to pay more fees.

Ok fair enough, but I posted a book to Tasmania the other day that ended up being $15, what about that eBay? Now your earning more profit than you should be! Instead of limiting sellers to an amount, why not just make it compulsory to use the aus post system where it calculates the postage for the item automatically, now that would be a fair system….

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