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IM B B B Back!

Long time no see. In fact nearly one whole year! I’ve been hiding away being busy. Forgot i even had a blog until my lovely lady digged it up and starting reading back embarrassing posts!

So whats new? Whats been happening?


  • My Church got a new building and it has been sweeeet! EV Church has grown heaps and is bringing many more people to Christ.
  • I moved out of home. Bought my own little place in gosford aka code named the ROCKETSHIP!!, 2250 represent!
  • Bought a new car to go with the house as my other one blew up! A White Getz, everyone now bags me out for driving a grandma car.
  • I scored a lovely girlfriend <3 !
  • Been to QLD selling kayaks here and there. Been running a kayak shop in Gosford full time as well as doing part time uni one day a week.
  • Got some new clients on the computer business side of things and is all going well.
  • My site is now ranked 4th for Rhys Evans on google. Yeaaaaaaa
  • Turning 21 in just under 2 weeks!
  • With Virgin mobile now and sending them broke with free sms rates

Future posts will be more tech related and will be helpful for business/individuals in becoming more efficient and up to date with whats happening in the wide world web of techhh.

New Car - White Hyundai Getz

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