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Police come out from hiding on long weekends

On the Anzac long weekend i observed the police doing a great job. Wherever you go driving/walking you see them everywhere! I drove right round the coast from Gosford to Copa and on every drive i would pass at least one copper. I also got RBT’d for the first time in a year and heard the freeways were crawling with them.

Normally on my weekends i wlots-of-police-cars ould rarely see one. Now my question is, why only on a long weekend? More demerit points, but no increase in fines, so its not like they get extra profit from pulling one person over than they usually would, just that there’s more of them round, so they would catch more people.

Why cant they do this all year round? If everyday someone went for a drive and they saw a policemen i think speeding would be reduced massively and thus less accidents to! So where do these extra policemen come from on double demerit points????

Once more, i am coming home from uni and in front of me is a red P plater going 30km/h over his speed limit.


  • Yep, it is common knowledge that we have more fatalities on the road on the long weekends. It may be from people driving too many hours on the freeway without resting or it may be from drink driving.

    Either way, the police are called to respond to this scary statistic with the high number of fatalities on the road.

    If you want some interesting reading on the subject, check out:

    Also, police do not have nearly enough man power to constantly be visible on the road every day of the year. In my opinion, they are under funded and under ‘manned’.

    There is so much to say about this topic, but I will leave it that.

    Josh Plunkett

    April 29, 2010

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  • In a nutshell.
    Long weekend = more traffic on roads
    more traffic = more accidents (including fatalities)
    Reasoning; they have extra police & double demerits to encourage people to slow down reducing the probability of accidents.

    Why dont’ they do this all they time? Money. They put it where it will have the most effect which are most often long weekends and holidays.


    May 31, 2010

  • makes sense. Although if they pulled more people over they would get more revenue, so surely that would pay for the extra staff and costs?


    May 31, 2010

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