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Smooth Sun Setting Drive


This Friday photo was taken on the 21/6/08

10 points if you can guess within 100km of where it was taken.
100 points if you guess within 10km


Friday Photo – Perisher Blue 2007 – GUTHEGA

Picture taken at the snow last year. Feel free to click for full size and use as your wallpaper.


Photoshop Express, The Flickr killer?

Meet adobe’s new site, photoshop express. Imagine flickr with a built in basic photoshop version and free 2gb storage and you have the ultimate online photo tool, photoshop express. Adobe is using its new air technology instead of ajax and it seems to be very fancy. Head over here to check it out and create an account.


The Ultimate Procrastination Flow Chart

Want to procrastinate? Well heres how to do it. Follow the chart. Click the thumbnail for full size

Click here to see the flowchart ->


White Water World – Qld Holiday Part VI

The following email took place on 5 Jan 2008 22:22

Hello again. Yesterday arvo after i sent no.5 we headed off to the movies and dad and i saw i an legend while the girls went and saw some chick flic that mum apparantly cried the whole way through :S Read More ->


Dream World + Wet and Wild – Qld Holiday Part V

The following email took place on 4 Jan 2008 12:27

Ive been a bit lazy so im sending 3 days worth in this email :)

Wednesday 2nd:
We hit up dream world 2day instead of wet and wild as it is proberly the last day where it isnt raining the whole day while we are here. We did the giant drop first of. dad and i later decided that its the best ride, so if you go make sure you do it.. Its like the wonderland space probe only bigger and better. They hold you for a good 30 seconds before they drop you!