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How To Tell The True Size Of Your USB Drive – Fake Memory Tester

There’s a lot of fake memory floating around the web at the moment, including big sized usb drives that appear to have say 32GB of memory, but have been “hacked.” When filled up to 4GB the rest of the files become corrupt. This is the same with mp3 players and other flash memory.

If you have purchased one of these drives on ebay or paid through paypal you can generally get your money back if you file a complaint with paypal saying wrong product received etc..

To view my ebay guide on usb drives please visit here.


To check the true memory size please use the following utility. This program writes data to the drive, then reads it back to show the true size of the drive.



RSS Part 1 – What Is RSS?

If you have been alive in the last 10 years & you actually have a life, you would of noticed this thing on websites called RSS. What the heck is it? Well I’ll explain in my two part series.


Stands for Really Simple Syndication & is used to publish frequently updated works including blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video. For History of RSS see here.

Why Use RSS?

RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually. RSS Readers list all your favourite sites and highlight new posts and events so you can look into them further.

How to recognise RSS?image

Many sites now implement RSS, to keep readers informed and updated. When browsing, look for RSS icons like this one. When you click it, you are redirected to a .xml file which can be copied and added to your feed reader. Some browsers even have indicators when a site has a RSS feed available, read more about this in part 2.

Examples Of Using RSS:

  • You read a blog, but don’t want to goto the site all the time to see if a new post has been added. RSS informs you when a new post is available.
  • You like buying vintage surfboards on ebay. Set up a filter on ebay so that you only can see boards with vintage in the title and are located within 25km of where you live. Subscribe via RSS and have all the new boards listed right in front of your eyes and never miss a bargain.
  • Your friends upload photos & videos to social sites such as Flickr & Youtube, subscribe via RSS and get notified when a new item is uploaded.

—–> Part 2: Engaging With RSS Feeds


8GB Mp3 Player Sansa View’s going cheap


I’m selling a whole bunch of these players on ebay at the moment, pretty cheap, in fact there a bargain!

Head over here to check them out, or even make an offer my contacting me.


Ebay applying postage cost limits on certain categories Unfair


EBay has launched a new policy restricting sellers on the amount they can charge for postage. Over the past 6 months, eBay has implementing many new policies, that have annoyed myself and many other sellers. One previous policy even tried to force all buyers to use paypal, which ebay owns. Paypal charges the seller a fee on all transactions, so this polciy would boost their profits big time as no one could use direct bank deposits. Luckily the ACCC stepped in and rejected it.



What’s better than surfing?

10-11-2007 2-14-49 AM

That hot 15 minute shower when you get home, priceless.

I went surfing on my new board today with a crazy aussi. I bought my board on ebay for $40. Bargain for how good it is!


WebWare 2008

Webware is back and nows your chance to vote for your favourite web 2.0 side. There is alot of sites i hadn’t heard of as well before i found this site, so check out some new ones as well. See Who I Voted For Here ->