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Posts tagged ‘Ebay’


Dream World + Wet and Wild – Qld Holiday Part V

The following email took place on 4 Jan 2008 12:27

Ive been a bit lazy so im sending 3 days worth in this email :)

Wednesday 2nd:
We hit up dream world 2day instead of wet and wild as it is proberly the last day where it isnt raining the whole day while we are here. We did the giant drop first of. dad and i later decided that its the best ride, so if you go make sure you do it.. Its like the wonderland space probe only bigger and better. They hold you for a good 30 seconds before they drop you!



Phaser Computers First Ebay Item – Start Bidding!

Phaser computers launches their ebay account today with their first item being a ipod case. I spent an hour creating an ebay template and now its all ready to go. Click here to visit the auction.



Official Apple iPhone Tool Now Available, The Paperclip!

Steve Jobs just designs the most perfect devices for the public doesn’t he? So a guy received this "tool" in his apple iPhone warranty service packet. I even had to make a new cateogie for this post, "comedy!." Read More ->


Ipod Earphone Blitz!

So I’m sitting on the computer and my sister comes in and has a whine about her earphones, the second pair she’s been through in like 3 months. So I start surfing the web looking for wholesalers, particularly from China. I succeeded! I ordered 52 sets of legit iPod earphones and I can compete on ebay (which is where I will sell most of them) with no trouble.

If anyone is interested they are $10 each or $12 delivered via mail. Contact me for your orders.