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Early Mornings. eg. 4am

So im currently sitting on the train, now 5.09am despite the title. But i woke up this morning at 3.50am. Why? I have no idea, im a crazzyyyyy person.

oi nup!

I’m not really. Im taking my girlfriend on a hot date. At the moment she has no idea where we are going, and shes reading over my shoulder, so later in the day ill change the destinations below. *Edit: Now updated*

First time i think I’ve ever waken up this early, and its actually not to bad! Sure i need a few coffees, but I’m wide awake and blogging! ha. For a 4.48am gosford train, its quite full, there is also alot of crazy people like myself that must be going on hot dates as well ;) – Except the two guys in front, bald and in council uniform don’t look like their hitting the –insert place here- anytime soon.

Also I’ve just noticed this guy snoring like he’s pretending to be 80 years old, but he’s actually only about 28.

So back to my 4am story. Its our 3 month anniversary, well,  now its actually 3 months 4 days* :) So i thought i’d skip uni and do something fun on my days off work for once and travel to Sydney. Yeaaaa i know, of all places, what was i thinking, the coast is way better ;)

First destination:

  • Pancakes On The Rocks
  • pancakes on the rocks IMG_0029 IMG_0030
  • So this place took ages to find, we were literally walking around for 20 minutes trying to find it as i thought it was on the water side, but its actually a street back, I’ve made a mark on google maps exactly so its a bit more clear if you take a visit for yourself :)
    Taking ages to find it wasnt a downside at the time, 6.45am and the sunrise was amazing over the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge.
    This place was very quiet, only one couple when we got in, and a group of girls by the time we left and the place seated about 100-200 people.
    Pancakes were awesome as you can see in the picture and i was very full after eating a serving which all cost around $10-14

Second destination:

  • Walking around the Harbour and taking photos :D
  • We also took a ferry cos we cool like that bro
  • IMG_0020 IMG_0024 IMG_0257 IMG_0390

Third destination:

  • -USYD (University of Sydney for the uneducated)
  • IMG_0408
  • While Brie went to her Tute, Andy & I did some walkup and had some really good conversations. After all our adventures we were dead tired and actually feel asleep on the train.

HOME. woooo.