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Automatically Shutdown Computer At Certain scheduled time

This tutorial will shutdown your computer at a certain time even if users are logged on or off and will check to make sure they aren’t still using it before it shutdowns.

  1. Create a .BAT File by opening up notepad and when you save as, select all files then name it shutdown.bat.untitled
  2. Put the following text in the file “c:/shutdown.exe –s” and save it. When this .bat file is run it triggers the shutdown.exe file under windows and  your computer will shutdown.screenshot
  3. Now to schedule it, open up Scheduled Tasks under control panel or task scheduler which it is known under vista/windows 7
  4. Add scheduled task, select the .bat file you have just made (i stored it in C drive), perform this task daily, start time 6PM, enter the administrator credentials and finish.
  5. Now double click the task and go to the settings tab. Under Idle Time, "only start this task if the computer has been idle for at least 30 minutes" and i also ticked the next box so it continues to check up until 12pm until the computer is idle.

In my Workplace i did this on 5 computers, because the others have remote users, i worked out it saves $100 per computer/per year totalling a $500 saving per year.


Other Notes:

  • You can also include various maintenance routines in this .bat file when it shutdowns. For example, mine cleans all temp files and runs a defrag on the local drive. To Implement this, install Crap Cleaner on the computer and add the following code to your .bat file.

“C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe" /AUTO

defrag c: /f

c:/shutdown.exe –s”