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I’ve turned into a coffee addict :/

So after nearly 21 years I’ve started hitting the caffeine! My house mate is a Brewster and apparently the coffee was pretty good so i started drinking it to see what all the fuss was about.

To date i have had about 8 coffees now, and 3 types. Yesterday i had 4 shots within the hour, i was feeling quite tired and it helped.

  • 1st – House mates is like $45/kilo stuff and i rate the best out of the three obviously. He’s pretty good at doing the art as well
  • 2nd – Gloria Jeans, was not to bad. Not as creamy and smooth as 1st.
  • 3rd – McDonalds, of which i’ve had the most of, but tastes a bit like dirt. If you drink it enough you get used to the dirty flavour though ha! When i also acknowledge I’ve had one during the day i get dis-owned by my house mate because apparently it tastes so bad, so there you go.

So what coffee do you like and where’s your favourite places to go?

IMG_0582[2] IMG_0588[2]