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Blog Upgraded!

As you can see, i have a new theme. Quite exciting


IM B B B Back!

Long time no see. In fact nearly one whole year! I’ve been hiding away being busy. Forgot i even had a blog until my lovely lady digged it up and starting reading back embarrassing posts!

So whats new? Whats been happening?


  • My Church got a new building and it has been sweeeet! EV Church has grown heaps and is bringing many more people to Christ.
  • I moved out of home. Bought my own little place in gosford aka code named the ROCKETSHIP!!, 2250 represent!
  • Bought a new car to go with the house as my other one blew up! A White Getz, everyone now bags me out for driving a grandma car.
  • I scored a lovely girlfriend <3 !
  • Been to QLD selling kayaks here and there. Been running a kayak shop in Gosford full time as well as doing part time uni one day a week.
  • Got some new clients on the computer business side of things and is all going well.
  • My site is now ranked 4th for Rhys Evans on google. Yeaaaaaaa
  • Turning 21 in just under 2 weeks!
  • With Virgin mobile now and sending them broke with free sms rates

Future posts will be more tech related and will be helpful for business/individuals in becoming more efficient and up to date with whats happening in the wide world web of techhh.

New Car - White Hyundai Getz


New Lifestream Feed

I’ve created another feed, which encompasses everything in the lifestream, which might be better for some people to subscribe to as you get the usual feed plus everything else such as youtube favourites, delicious bookmarks and twitter updates.


I managed to make it using a site called Friendfeed. It lets you combine all your social sites and many more into one nice clean feed. Check it out.



Welcome to Ardorpes, A New Beginning

The kid is dead, the man has arrived. New fresh content, a new urge to blog more, welcome to

210 Posts, 300 comments, and more to come.

What the hec does Ardor Pes Mean?

Well my name is Rhys, a given name of Welsh Origin that translates to the word Ardor, meaning Passion, Eagerness & Strength.

Whats new?

  • A Sweet new feed on the right shows latest tweets from twitter & delicious bookmarks.
  • A very cool 3D tag cloud.
  • Sweet contact form that looks very nice, send me a message and see the smooth success message.
  • Less pages, cleaner interface, nicer fonts.
  • Archive page thats easy to find old posts



The VK Reawaking

Ok faithful readers who still have my feed in your feed reader, I have wondering news. I’M BAC!

I’ve heard people don’t like recipe’s these days so I’m kinda canning that idea, starting a bit of a fresh, with a more niche target with business, technology and the wide world web being the main focus.

If your a reader that actually liked recipes, maybe its time to find a new blog and have a whinge in the comments here to the other readers :(

Any requests of posts regarding tech and the web are welcome, you can contact me in about 10 different ways if you explore most pages on this blog and open your eyes nice and wide.

Talk soon on the blogosphere!


14,000 Hits in one month.

Nope, im not lying, last months stats were the highest they have ever been. Heres some searches that people did to find this place.

uai calculator
nickname messenger
100m sprint
borat text tone
block myspace access
album ocean avenue
msn nickname tricks
worlds fastest violin – haha yea, you came to the right place :P
worlds fastest man – yep thats me :)
EDIT: Due to popular demand heres a graph. (click for full size)