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Synchronise Facebook Events & Birthdays With Google Calendar

Theres a new app out on the streets, and its the cool!

It can add facebook birthdays and events to your google calendar thus have all these events on your iphone or other mobile phones.





  • Steps 1: Goto
  • Step 2: Allow offline access, sign in to facebook (if not already signed in)
  • Step 3: Now you can click the google calendar icon and that will set up a separate calendar for your events or birthdays OR you can click “download a copy here” and then import to main google calendar (goto step 4)
  • Step 4: Now goto Google calendar, Settings—>calendar—import calendar. Import that file and away you go.

Now the only con with the import function is that its not directly synced with fb, so if someone changes there birthday or event it won’t update live, until you upload the file again. If your worried about that maybe the separate calendar (step 3) is the way to go.

If you work out how to merge the seperate live calendar with your main one please let me know, cos this would solve that!