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Best & Top Android Apps 2010 that will make you dribble


I’m now a android lover after switching from a iPhone 3gs to a Samsung galaxy S 6 months ago.

My current apps look something like this.
75 total, 68 free (90%), 7 paid (9%) | Total Size: 138MB
Total spent: $14.99

You can view the list of my installed apps here.

Here i will note some must have apps for your droid and a few other cool apps as well. Im not going to write an essay about each of them, just list them and hopefully you can download them and see how good they are for yourself.

Top 10 Apps

  1. Handcent SMS. – The best sms application ever.
  2. SMS2PC – Probably the most used app. If your in front of your computer alot, this makes your phone like a chat client, however you can reply to people via sms from a chat screen on your computer. Well worth the $4
  3. Launcher Pro – This is the fastest and best launcher available.
  4. Switch pro Widget – The widget is best for your homescreen. Currently mine displays battery %, wireless toggle, blutooth toggle, vibrate/silent/loud toggle, a flashlight, 3g toggle, and a shutdown and restart button.
  5. Bible – Best bible app with heaps of offline version such as ESV for viewing straight from your phone.
  6. Isyncr – This app enables you to sync itunes to your android phone just like a iphone. You can also sync over wifi without a cord!
  7. Poweramp – An awesome music player, has a 30day demo but costs a big $5 for this one.
  8. Gtasks – If you use google tasks, this is a great widget that keeps your tasks in sync
  9. Pure Calendar Widget – If you use your calendar alot this is a must. So customisable and can be a widget you wont know what to do with yourself.
  10. Skype – Voip over your mobile. brilliant!

Top Games

  1. Paper Toss
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Unblock me
  4. Robodefense
  5. The Moron Test

Other Cool Apps

  1. Go Sydney – Train & bus times
  2. Shazam – Listens to a piece of music and will tell you the artist and song.
  3. Sydney Traffic Cameras
  4. Zedge ringtones and wallpapers – Heaps and heaps of ringtones and wallpapers for your phone
  5. Ringdroid – Crops songs on your phone and sets them as your ringtone
  6. Vlingo – Tell your phone what to do. Only works if you have a internet connection
  7. Schedule Sms Wishes – Ever wanted to remind yourself via a sms or remind someone else? This can schedule sms messages to your contacts.
  8. SMS Backup – Backup your sms and save it in a excel spread sheet for safe keeping.
  9. Google Chrome to phone – Ever wanted to get a webpage you were looking at on your computer to your phone? With this app you just click a button and it launches on your phone

What is your favourite apps? Please share in the comments.


How to get more storage on DropBox for free!

DropBox – Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. Dropbox automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.
Imagine finishing a pricelist excel document, saving it to your computer, then your out at the shops and a customer rings you. You can look up the spreadsheet on your phone and retrieve it. Alternatively you could be at the airport, open up your laptop (providing its connected to the internet), the spreadsheet appears in your documents as its synced and away you go!
Dropbox has 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers. For more info on dropbox check out these 8 top tips here!

Sign up to drop box!

Here is some tips on increasing that free 2gb storage.

Referrals – EDU email addresses get double referral credit!

Whenever someone signs up with Dropbox through a link you sent them, Dropbox will credit both you and the new user 250 MB of free storage. Fair enough. But that would mean 4 referrals for every 1 GB. Quite a task.

In hopes of annihilating its competition, Dropbox recently announced that anybody with a .EDU email address, namely college students, can earn double the referral credit, or 500 MB. Life’s pretty sweet sometimes when you’re a college student. Now, you would need only 2 referrals for every 1 GB of free storage.

Share dropbox on social media sites

Click here and share the links on fb and twitter and get another 768mb for a few clicks!


Latest tech & cool gadget Roundup #1


crowne-plaza-energy-bikeCrowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has installed two electricity-producing bicycles which are connected to the hotel’s main electricity supply. Guests who pedal hard enough not only get a dose of environmental feel-goodness, but can also score a complimentary meal. h/t Giz mag


Japanese gadget giant Thanko. Its full-size USB keyboard is broken into four connected quarter segments, allowing it to be folded over into a pocket-size rectangular shape. h/t gizmag


Robot floor cleaners designed to free us from the drudgery of keeping the house clean are nothing new. Robotic vacuum cleaners, such as the Roomba, Electrolux Trilobite and Neato XV-11, have already found a place patrolling the carpet in many homes, and now the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner that was first announced at CES in January is nearly ready to report for duty on hard surface floors. h/t gizmag

FPS Jacket

A surgeon, who was trying to develop a system for remotely diagnosing prisoners, designed the FPS Vest. It has four pockets in the front, four in the back, and connects to a small USB-powered air compressor. Different pockets will activate to varying degrees, depending on what’s happening to you in the game. The FPS can apparently simulate hits from a pistol or an Uzi, along with the sensations of explosions, stabbings, rocket hits, and falling (one would assume they actually mean “landing”.) h/t gizmag


Nour.ish has been down for 4 months but will be back as of July 3rd!

Nour.ish a popular rss to newsletter tool on the web has been down for a while making me switch many of my sites i have made to feedburner to distribute newsletters. Great news came out today, you can read the letter below:



What is bing? Microsofts Attempt to regain customers from google

So you’ve heard of google right? Yea i thought so. But have you heard of Bing? Nope, i thought so to.

Bing is a new search engine, a new engine from the big guns, Microsoft. image









Bing is an attempt to win back some market share from google and on first appearance looks very much similar to google’s design.

So whats difference? How are they going to try and win back some people?

  • Well for starters, they give you a random big picture that looks rather nice. Cool. All i can say is more bandwidth, right?
  • Short name. Instead of typing 5 characters, you get to type 4. That will totally save my fingers and hands from getting RSI!
  • Searches are fasted they have ever been for microsoft, i did a quick test however, and google still won :)

My 2 minute quick conclusion? Stay with google…

For more info visit these sites:


2 Windows Taskbars On Dual Monitors Windows 7

Dual monitors are awesome but can be a little restrictive in the default windows environment.

Normally you can only have one taskbar so when you have windows on the 2nd monitor they clutter up your one and only taskbar.

Now you can have 2 taskbars and more on your monitors, it feels like you are running multiple computers!

Multi Monitor Taskbar – Freeware & Even works with the latest Windows 7 unlike Ultramon(another monitor solution but $40)

or Direct download HERE

Screenshot of my monitors next to each other: image

UPDATE: ULTRAMON now supports Windows 7. Goto here for latest download.