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Phaser Computers SEO Improvement

I’ve been looking at getting more clients and expanding my computer services business’s. I currently come up 2nd on the map with a google search but no where to be seen in the list of website pages.

I also noticed there isn’t much competition with computer services on the coast on google with all sites having low page ranks and not very good SEO techniques.

So i renamed alot of things and optimised some code and will be monitoring how it goes.

I’m also going to change the content on the site to be more streamline, the current wording and pages are boring and look like they were left from the template upon which the site was built.

Check out the Phaser Computers site HERE


2 Windows Taskbars On Dual Monitors Windows 7

Dual monitors are awesome but can be a little restrictive in the default windows environment.

Normally you can only have one taskbar so when you have windows on the 2nd monitor they clutter up your one and only taskbar.

Now you can have 2 taskbars and more on your monitors, it feels like you are running multiple computers!

Multi Monitor Taskbar – Freeware & Even works with the latest Windows 7 unlike Ultramon(another monitor solution but $40)

or Direct download HERE

Screenshot of my monitors next to each other: image

UPDATE: ULTRAMON now supports Windows 7. Goto here for latest download.


My 19th Birthday is today. The 5th of the 5th 08

Sooo, another year has passed and im getting very old :(



New Server! Woooohoooo

soooooooooooo, i bet my 2 loyal readers have been wondering where i am? Well good news, im still allive :)


Heres a quick note of why theres no posts and what i’ve been up to:

  • I couldnt get onto my own site to post because the server was so bad, but now i have a new one and it is sweeeeeet!
  • I’ve been on holidays for 2 weeks in qld. I’m going to blog the holiday with pics and videos over the next coming weeks.
  • I’ve taken over content management for the website, and also am helping out the year 7’s group this year.
  • I built my brand new comp, specs and pics coming soon to make you all drool :P
  • I’ve been watching my traffic come through from google and i now get over 300 hits a day! :)
  • Uni & HSC News, stay tuned for them tomorrow
  • Phaser computers business will be in full swing next month, advertising in the newspaper and on my car :) If you know anyone that needs a new computer or a service call out to get their computer back up to full speed get them to give me a call

also, goals page now updated.

that is all


Phaser Computers First Ebay Item – Start Bidding!

Phaser computers launches their ebay account today with their first item being a ipod case. I spent an hour creating an ebay template and now its all ready to go. Click here to visit the auction.



Facebook VS Myspace


I’ve been hearing about facebook and how much better it is than myspace for a while on the podcasts i listen to, today someone invited me to join so I did.
 Not many people must know about it because I only had 3 people in my address book that had joined apart from the 150 people i have when i joined myspace. It isn’t even blocked on the school computers yet. I want to make this profile private so only friend can view it, only adding people i know as it can show all my personal information such as mobile numbers and address ect.. So the first thing i did was go into privacy and change everything to friends only. You can add me if you know me my clicking the above link next to myspace.Heres my review: