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Actual Footage Of The Chasers APEC Prank/Gag – 3 Top Videos

The Chaser’s War On Everything pulls of another sweet prank!! Although they might have taken it a little to far this time as they have been charged and may face 6 months gaol. Currently they are on bail till they appear in court next month. EDIT: An interview with the boys claim that they spoke with the lawyers before they decided to do the prank, so good news for chaser fans :)

Overall $330 million was spent on security and the chaser boys made it 10 metres from George Bush’s hotel.

Heres the best 3 videos of the action that i found:
Rank 1: Today Tonights Report (Shows most footage of what they got up to)

Rank 2: ABC’s Report on it

Rank 3: Footage of them heading into the police station after the arrest


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