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Bald Rock & Boonoo Boonoo Falls@ Tenantfield – Qld Holiday Part I

Ok i have finally tracked down all ym holiday emails i sent to friends that i typed on my phone while i was on my wld holiday over christmas and new year. So enjoy some info and pics over the next week from locations around Australia in Qld. If You have any questions bout anything let me know and test my knowledge :)

The following email took place on Mon, 31 Dec 2007

Stayed at a national park just out of tenantfield the last 2 nights. Have had no reception where we have been. Yesterday we went to bald rock, the largest granite rock in australia. To get to it we did about a 5km walk and were surprised of how big it was, something you have to actually see and walk to fully picture it. We got back to our tent site for lunch and a rest then went on another short drive to boonoo boonoo water falls. Wasnt as exciting or big as the ‘rock’ but was still good. We went swimming there and got some great photos of lots of different parts of the river flowing. I think ill open up my own gallery :) should be at 8 miles plane near brisbane in around 2-3 hours where we are staying for the next week and visiting all the theme parks. The house seasons i bought for dad have come in handy as i put the first 8 episodes plus some other movies on all the ipods but sav and yol have already watched them all. Heres a picture of our short stop camp setups(above) , it changes a bit when we stay longer as we put out a big awning and some over stuff. Peace out and have a great new year!

Bald Rock:

Boonoo Boonoo Water Falls:

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