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Movie World Superman Ride – Qld Holiday Part IV

The following email took place on 1 Jan 2008 19:35

Good news, we ended up going to movie world even tho it was raining. We were told the main rides take 1 hour after it stops raining before they go again but they were all going despite showers here and there. If we didnt get to go 2day we were going to cancel are whole park trip and come bac in easter, so we were very lucky. Throughout the day the sun shined through a bit here and there and only rained every now and then.
Superman and the scooby doo ride was the best. Went on superman the most, 4.2g forces and 1 negative g force for all those physics nerds :P
See attached picture of the family on superman. A full day of rides and shows is very tiring and i have a headach and an ready for some sleep :)

We should be going to wet and wild tomoz or the next day and the forecast is more rain but doesnt really matter now as all the rides are yet ones anyway and can run when its raining.

Hope everyones enjoying there holidays,


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