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What’s The Diffference Between Shampoo & Conditioner?

Ok, for my first question of the week i thought I’d start with a fairly easy one.

Facts About Hair:

  • The normal pH of the hair and skin is 4.5-5.5
  • "Teenager Hair" is very oily because of their growth hormones.
  • People who are over 30 may need conditioner because they no longer produce as much oil

Chacrteristics of both substances:


  • Applies First
  • Opens up the hair cuticle (shaft) to allow debris to be cleansed out of it.
  • Thicker
  • pH Level is slightly alkaline


  • Applies Second
  • Closes down this cuticle opened from shampoo.
  • Thinner
  • pH is suited to be of the same acidic level

Now for myself i use shampoo to clean and get rid of the oil in my hair. I find it a waste of time when using conditioner because it just puts all this oil back in that i wanted to clean out.

For my conclusion, Younger people with oily hair, only use shampoo which will reduce the pH below what it should be, but this doesn’t matter so much because your hormones will quickly bring it back to balance. Older people who don’t, can use shampoo to clean their hair then conditioner to blance the Ph level in their hair. Make sense? I’m sure i could of word it better but oh well.

What are you thoughts? How do you wash your hair?

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    May 25, 2010

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    May 25, 2010

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