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Are you sponsoring anyone for 40 hour famine?

I thought I’d give my sister some free advertising for a good cause. Here’s her message


Hi all,
this year I’m going to do the World Vision 40 Hour Famine in August.

I’ll be going without food for 40 hours to raise money to help give kids in India their basic human rights and free them from child labour, trafficking and slavery.
Just $40 will help 8 children for a whole month and imagine how many kids we could help with more!

Could you please support me by giving a donation?
If you can, simply visit the World Vision 40 Hour Famine website ( and click on Donate Now. Donations are tax deductible and the minimum amount is $2.  You will receive a receipt as soon as you’ve made the donation. When the donation form asks you for the Famine Number, please enter 28058696-7. This makes sure that the donation is recorded against my name and that I’m sent a record of your donation.

You can also go directly to the donate screen by clicking here

  • A great supporter of World Vision is is a dual-purpose site for building an English
    vocabulary and raising money for under privileged children in the most
    impoverished places around the world.

    Check it out at

    Mike Thorn

    June 19, 2008

  • Nice site, sorta like that free rice site but for cents instead of rice :)


    June 20, 2008

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