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What’s your favourite dish?

Mining Engineering Night 027

What’s your favourite dinner dinner to make? I’m living alone for the next 3 weeks and I’m on a cooking feast. Hit me up with your favourite food and recipe and I’ll attempt to make it, eat it and of course, blog it :)

Preferred dishes that feed 1-3 people would be best, and something that doesn’t need 101 ingredients.

Please post in the comments as soon as possible to prevent me from going hungry at dinner time… :P

PS. I may be a little slow with replying to comments over the next 3 weeks, I’ll catch up when I get back.

  • Icecream – take out icecream, spoon into bowl, top with toppings. Enjoy!

    Or, in Winter, raisin toast. Put Raisin Toast in toaster. Butter. Cut into soldiers. Enjoy with a cup of tea (you shouldn’t need a recipe for that!)


    June 23, 2008

  • how can i survive on that?? raisin toast is alrite but i alrdy have heaps of cereal and pancakes :)

    surely you got some better recipes than that :P


    June 25, 2008

  • Is this something you could make your Mum? Mums love it when their kids cook them something!!

    Lonely Mum

    July 2, 2008

  • nup, but i got plenty of meals to test your cooking skills when you arrive on sunday, theres a few im not sure about :)


    July 3, 2008

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