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What is the difference between Facebook and Twitter?

Nearly every day someone asks me why is twitter better, or why get twitter when facebook does the same thing?

In a quick overview, twitter is simply facebook status’s but with a more public view and live photo streaming.


Side By side comparison:

Facebook: Requires two-way verification for full sharing between two people. If someone doesn’t accept your friend request, you most likely can’t see what they are up to, because most people stick with default strong privacy settings. Facebook is more for your tight circle of friends where you can share events such as birthday parties and share pictures of them and yourself.

Twitter: You can follow just about anyone you want, Obama, Kevin Rudd, major celebrities and your friends. Just click follow and you see a real news feed from everyone your following.

Tags & Replies:

Facebook: Facebook doesn’t have tags, only replies, and these replies aren’t seen unless you visit the repliee’s wall.

Twitter: You can use tags such as #event which is sort of like a reference of where you are or what your doing. People can search for the tag and see everyone else tagging the same thing. For Eg. Your at a conference, search #conference and you can see all the other tweeters bagging the speaker out and discussing it further. To reply to someone just write @name at the start of your message to reply to someone’s tweet.


Facebook: Can share photos and tag people in them and create albums of specific events. Not as “live” as twitter.

Twitter: Live Photo tweeting. At a cool place, or skating in the park, take a photo on your phone, and tweet it and everyone can see it live as it comes through on their feed.

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