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A Quick Rant About Car Crashes And The Mess They Leave

//Start Rant

So on my way to youth, i got blocked at the end of my street because some one obviously didnt notice the large STOP sign and went pounding through the intersection and snagged another car on its way through. 2 Fire engines and some cops later, i am waiting 15 mins for them to sort the LPG cyclinder in the guys boot so it doesnt explode and kill everyone in sight.

Anyway…. on my way home, i was reminded of the mess that car crashes leave, glass and plastic all over the road! Why isn’t there some law that forces the crasher/crashee to clean up his mess after his little bingle, and save everyone from getting glass stuck in their tyres and the neighbour hood looking a mess.

Mayb i should write to my new prime minister and propose this new law?

//End Rant.