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New Portal To All My Sites & Services

I decided I should have a site that lists all my sites and business’s and to plan a bit ahead for the future if some of them ever get “big.” Think i’m going to head into a similar structure Richard Branson set up with his company Virgin.

For now check it out here.

The Evans Corp.


Australian Accounting Blog Launches

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOM!!!

Yes, it has arrived. My new accounting niche blog.

OzAccounting brings you the latest updates from the ATO, Advice and general tips on saving you money.”

Let me know what you think, or any improvements that could be made.



Understanding The World Wide Financial Crisis

An amazing animation that explains all this credit crisis that happened in America. A 10min Must see video.


Australia Post Charging Different Prices @ Different Locations

So for ipodweapons and fiddleaustralia i buy Padded bags from Australia Post in bulk (100 bags @ a time, see picture below). I usually order them in and buy them from the nice local guy down at Tumbi Post Office, but today i was going past Wamberal and thought I’d drop in and see if they had any.

They did, so off i ordered and got 200 stamps as well. $190 it came to which seemed a bit high. Upon looking at the receipt it showed the bags as 84 cents each, usually there $1.05 if you buy them separately. So thats a $21 saving over 100 bags. HOWEVER, When i usually buy, i get $65 off, making the bags 40 cents each, a much large discount compared to the Wamberal Post office. So i asked the guy, “has the price gone up or something?” and he replies, “no, we are all independently operated, so we our bulk offers differ.” As I already paid up and he had them in stock, I headed out the doors.

Its interesting to see that the Wamberal shop makes a $44 more profit than the Tumbi, even though they have same suppliers, are 10mins drive apart and are under the same franchise. But $44 more? What a joke. Is Wamberal going to start ramping up the price of stamps as well? They can forget it, I won’t be returning, and I will be supporting my closer little guy, who is much nicer anyway.

Anyway, thats my little rant, the conclusion? Well when ordering in bulk, get quotes and find the cheapest aus post around you, it will pay off. If I buy 2000 bags a year, thats nearly a $1000 saving for me by going to the same shop, 10 mins up the road.



Latest Website Developments

I’ve built another two websites since i last posted, I thought I’d share you with them.


High Tide Fitness & Personal training Run fitness Sessions For Mums, Kids, Business & People Of All Ages @ Two Of The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Central Coast, Toowoon Bay & Soldiers Beach.


Nite EV is a church on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. We love Jesus and we are on about taking the hope that he offers to the people of the coast. We write and sing songs that are authentic cultural expressions of our joy, thankfulness and passion in and for Jesus.

Need a Site Designed? Head Over To


8GB Mp3 Player Sansa View’s going cheap


I’m selling a whole bunch of these players on ebay at the moment, pretty cheap, in fact there a bargain!

Head over here to check them out, or even make an offer my contacting me.