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Windows 7 Decoder Error In Media Center

My TV was working fine when i first installed the Beta but today when i opened it up i got the error “"The video decoder has either malfunctioned or is not installed. Restart Windows Media Center or the computer”.”

Solution: Turn your Clock date back to February and it works!

For some reason its a bug and the decoder expires before the beta expiry..

UPDATE: Fix the problem completely with this solution:

The .dll files are ready for download :
To install (on your own risk!!):
1. start a command prompt  (as administrator)
2. cd c:\windows\system32
3. takeown /f filename.dll (for all mentioned .dll files)
4. icacls filename.dll /grant your_name:F (again for all .dll files)
5. md c:\temp 
6. move filename.dll c:\temp (all .dll files)
7. now copy all files from the downloaded zip into c:\windows\system32
8. restart the machine


Vista Ultimate Windows Host Process Rundll32 Has stopped working: Dreamscene

So i now have dreamscene On Vista and everytime i goto change a wallpaper i keep getting the following error:

Windows Host Process Rundll32 Has stopped working

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem

I searched everywhere online and found the following fix, it happens because some conflict with nero:

under c:\program files\common files\ahead\dsfilter\

rename the following two items as follows: – rename this (for example – also rename this one (for example )

now reboot and problem solved! Who would of thought stupid nero was doing it :(