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Speed Limits On …


Following on from my previous policing rant, i wanted to make another observation.

Here’s a thought, what if the speed of cars was limited to 110km/h. Well for starters we wouldn’t need highway patrol anymore, secondly, we wouldn’t have crazy P Platers going 150, overtaking every little turtle to and fro. 110km-h

Why would you need to travel more than 110km/h? Sure, emergency vehicles could be an exception to the rule, but everyone else, there’s no need to travel more than 110km/h if its AGAINST THE LAW.

Now how could this be implemented? Well they did it in some European countries, and they somewhat do it in cars here. That is, new cars have a computer that stops the engine from hitting the red in your taco metre. This could be implemented the same way for speed, on all new cars brought in, if the Government brought in a new policy.

There is a few problems associated with this though. If your a mechanic, you could probably just bypass it or pay someone to do it, opening up a new black market for “fast car mods.”

Thoughts? Come on, you disagree don’t you… but why?


Ardorpes Getting Older |21ish

So todays my birthday. Todays also where those thoundsands of forums I’ve ever joined send me a email wishing me that happy birthday, and where the record for text msgs by random people you haven’t spoken to in the past year also gets broken :)

I’ve been on this planet 21 years whole years. I’m not even the first to make a blog post about me being 21, my girlfriend beat me and she did a pretty good job (copied half of wikipedia tho yea brie? ;) ), so im not even going to attempt at beating it. (ps. its really good and you should all subscribe to her blog!)

This morning when i woke up, it was the first time i haven’t been with family on a birthday as i live in my own place, so that means no presents and no singing happy birthday. Devs :( –  As I write this, my parents are actually travelling around in a foreign country partying and celebrating without me, so I hear from them anyway.

First contact with my sister today was on facebook chat, and went something like this:

Her living without mum and dad the past month have obviously affected how she puts her sentences together lol.
Thanks to my mates they bought me Band Hero for PS3 and have been playing it quite a bit! Well Matt my house mate at least has.. ;)
Tonight im off to dinner with my sisters, grandparents and girlfriend for a lovely dinner. Might post some pics when i return.
For now, I leave you with this video, shes 16, Christian and she sings Justin Bieber’s song “baby” better than him. Chow!


Final Exam Mark Needed Calculator

Your subjects always seem to have different percentiles for difference assessments and working out what mark you need for your final exam can sometimes be annoying to work out.

Thats what my spreadsheet enables you to do. Fill in your previous assessment tasks and what they are worth, and my spreadsheet will tell you what mark you need in your final exam to get over 50% and pass.

Go check it and save a copy for yourself here:


Im Famous on Kayak Factory Direct Website!

I went kayaking with a mate of mine, and I’m now featured on the banner of Kayak Factory Direct!

Refresh the page a couple of times because it rotates between 3 banners and I’m on 2 of them :)

If you want a test paddle of a kayak let me know and i can hook you up!

Other Kayak Sites:


2 Windows Taskbars On Dual Monitors Windows 7

Dual monitors are awesome but can be a little restrictive in the default windows environment.

Normally you can only have one taskbar so when you have windows on the 2nd monitor they clutter up your one and only taskbar.

Now you can have 2 taskbars and more on your monitors, it feels like you are running multiple computers!

Multi Monitor Taskbar – Freeware & Even works with the latest Windows 7 unlike Ultramon(another monitor solution but $40)

or Direct download HERE

Screenshot of my monitors next to each other: image

UPDATE: ULTRAMON now supports Windows 7. Goto here for latest download.


The Best April Fools Jokes 2009 – A Collection

Heres the best April fools jokes ive seen in 2009: