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#1 Photo Competition. Beat My Picture. Win BIG Prizes

Are you ready for the first competition ever on ArdorPES?

Well here it is.

You have to post photo taken by your camera that beats my picture. Please provide a caption and where the photo was taken.

The images will be judged by Dave Miers, Andrew Hayes & Savannah Evans. In case the judges posts a picture, they will not be able to vote on their picture and i will instead. Voting will be conducted on creativity, amazement and photography skills. No “Photoshopping” allowed”.

Here is the picture to beat.


“Super Man” – Photo taken on Nokia N95 @ Nelsons Bay of Josh. P


1st Prize: A “copy iPod” 4GB, comes with earphones usb cable. RRP $50

2nd Prize: Sony Earphones with case. RRP $25

3rd Prize: The smallest Bluetooth dongle on the market. RRP $10

Prizes can be delivered to anyone in Australia. Spread the word of the competition and start posting.

Competition Ends April 30th 2009. Winners Announced In May


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Instructions on posting your picture:

To add post your picture in the comments, upload it to imageshak and then use the code below and put in your url of the picture.

<img src=”URL HERE”>

Good Luck!