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I see the crowd in Pilate’s hall – Hymn

I see the crowd in Pilate’s hall,
their furious cries I hear;
their shouts of “Crucify!” appall,
their curses fill mine ear.
And of that shouting multitude
I feel that I am one,
and in that din of voices rude
I recognize my own.

I see the scourgers rend the flesh
of God’s belovèd Son;
and as they smite I feel afresh
that I of them am one.
Around the Cross the throng I see
that mock the Sufferer’s groan,
yet still my voice it seems to be,
as if I mocked alone.

‘Twas I that shed that sacred Blood,
I nailed him to the Tree,
I crucified the Christ of God,
I joined the mockery.
Yet not the less that Blood avails
to cleanse me from sin,
and not the less that Cross prevails
to give me peace within.

Horatius Bonar, 1856


Blob Jump Official Guinness World Record – Awesome!

I wonder if he hurt his neck? haha


For your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich

There are many - whose ambition in life seems limited to building a nice middle-class Christian home, and making nice middle-class Christian friends, and bringing up their children in nice middle-class Christian ways and who leave the sub-middle-class sections of the community, Christian and not Christian to get on by themselves. The Christmas spirit does not shine out in the Christian snob. For the Christmas spriit is the spirit of those who, making themselves poor - spending, and being spent - to enrich their fellow humans, giving time, trouble, care and concern, to do good to others - and not just their own friends - in whatever way there seems need. There are not as many who who this spirit as there should be. If God in mercy revives us, one of the things he will do will be to work more of this spirit in our hearts and lives. If we desire spiritual quickening for ourselves individually, one step we should take is to seek to cultivate this spirit 'You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich' 2cor 8:9. 'you attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus' Phill 2:5

J.I. Packer - Knowing God

Worlds Steepest Roller Coaster

Feels like your on it!


Happy Birthday Andrew Hayes

My best mate had his birthday on the weekend and his 21st party is this weekend.


He’s a legend and i cant express it as much in words as past photos can so here’s a scrap book of them. EDIT: Upon finding photos i have hardly any old ones! I could only find ones taken in past year Sad smile


I’m doing a speech for his birthday and i think ill post it here once its written so check back later Winking smile




Police come out from hiding on long weekends

On the Anzac long weekend i observed the police doing a great job. Wherever you go driving/walking you see them everywhere! I drove right round the coast from Gosford to Copa and on every drive i would pass at least one copper. I also got RBT’d for the first time in a year and heard the freeways were crawling with them.

Normally on my weekends i wlots-of-police-cars ould rarely see one. Now my question is, why only on a long weekend? More demerit points, but no increase in fines, so its not like they get extra profit from pulling one person over than they usually would, just that there’s more of them round, so they would catch more people.

Why cant they do this all year round? If everyday someone went for a drive and they saw a policemen i think speeding would be reduced massively and thus less accidents to! So where do these extra policemen come from on double demerit points????

Once more, i am coming home from uni and in front of me is a red P plater going 30km/h over his speed limit.