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Archive for June, 2007


Snow, Snow & Guess What?? More Snow!!

You guessed it! I’m on the way to my favourite winter sport again, skiing at Perisher Blue for 2 weeks and returnring on the 3rd to record my HSC music pieces at school. You may be thinking how I’m going to get my HSC study done? Well I’m going to be skiing in the day and studying at night. It will be interesting to see how much i get done. I’ll try and post some pictures of the snow for those who are missing out. My posts might be a bit quiet over the next 2 weeks as I’m concentrating 100% on getting ym study done before the trials.

What are you doing this school holidays?



Give your blog post teasters, split them up!

These instructions will show you how to make your main blog load faster, and generates a preview or “teaser” posts on your main page. It lets you write an intro and then places a link saying "read more" giving readers access to the full article shown on this post and all my future posts.

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My Sisters Accident…

A lot of you have heard of my sisters burn incident but no one has see any pictures of the damage. Below are some of them, and remember kids, don’t play with fire! I won’t post the exact details of this incident across the incident, instead if you want to know more you can ask me in person.


My Sisters Hand

Best Of YouTube

One of my favourite vodcasts to put on my ipod is "Best of youTube" – Every day the best rated video is posted and i cna download and have laugh or be amazed. nother one is the chasers war on everything.
What are you favourite vodcasts? Heres one of my favourite videos:


Free SMS In Australia

As there are so mnay different features to all these sites I will just list the things you can do with each one free of service without any charges. Sites not listed here may not be trusted, please do some research before proceeding with unknown sites. Read More ->


Storm Pictures From Past Weeks

Hi all, someone send me a power point slide of some of the best pictures from the storm that hit the central coast and newcastle. Heres a picture of the underground car park at Westfield kotara & the Pasha Bulker Ship: carpark @ Westfield kotara For the rest, i have uploaded the power point which you can find here! (1.77 MB in total) PS. Some exciting news coming soon from V.K. You will here from me in the coming weeks about my blogs radical new change in content. .Vk.