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Give your blog post teasters, split them up!

These instructions will show you how to make your main blog load faster, and generates a preview or “teaser” posts on your main page. It lets you write an intro and then places a link saying "read more" giving readers access to the full article shown on this post and all my future posts.


  1. Go into your wordpress and click write.
  2. Type your intro (the text you want to appear on your main page.)
  3. Click this button in your editor.

    (Default WordPress Reader)

    (FCK Editor)

  1. Hit enter on your keyboard and then type the rest of your blog below the horizonatl line that appears after you push the button.
  2. Publish post and see the results!

Ps. look at the counter—–> One day to go for the post you have all been waiting for! It will be released on friday at 6:30am aust. time.



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