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Official Apple iPhone Tool Now Available, The Paperclip!

Steve Jobs just designs the most perfect devices for the public doesn’t he? So a guy received this "tool" in his apple iPhone warranty service packet. I even had to make a new cateogie for this post, "comedy!." The funniest part of this whole article is reading users comments on the guys flickr page found here,and digg page here. He has also put the famous apple paperclip on ebay found here. Its up to $40 so far just for a flipping paperclip! Make sure you sign into a ebay account just to read the whole 38 questions about the item. Some of my favourites:

Q: SInce there are no instructions, how do you know which end to use?

A: There ARE instructions on the bag on how to use the clip, just not HOW to bend it out. To be honest thats why I’m selling it, I just don’t have the time to be messing around with what end gets bent or figuring out how to open the bag.

Q: Would you trade one RED paperclip for the item?

A: No, thanks, the Red paper clip market is over saturated, I’ve been short selling them for months. I’m considering a rebalance of my portfolio, however, my broker tells me there is budding opportunity in the blue paper clip market.

Q: Does it come with the apple care protection plan?

A: Considering the Apple directions tell you to bend it up, I doubt Apple will be offering an Apple Care Protection Plan for it.

Q:  Can you inset this paper clip into any other holes on the iPhone?

A:  My iphone finds this question regarding its orifices to be too personal in nature to answer in this forum.

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