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Dream World + Wet and Wild – Qld Holiday Part V

The following email took place on 4 Jan 2008 12:27

Ive been a bit lazy so im sending 3 days worth in this email :)

Wednesday 2nd:
We hit up dream world 2day instead of wet and wild as it is proberly the last day where it isnt raining the whole day while we are here. We did the giant drop first of. dad and i later decided that its the best ride, so if you go make sure you do it.. Its like the wonderland space probe only bigger and better. They hold you for a good 30 seconds before they drop you!

The tower of terror-we were lucky that we got there early while the queue was short. We got up to 159km/h on the ride but still reckon the drop was the better. Later that day there was 1.5 hour queues for the t.o.t . And the line goes into a dark tunnel which is all humid and its hard to breathe :/

Next we went on a ride called wipeout and then the claw. Wipe out is hard to describe but the claw is like a pirate ship but you sit is a circular thing and it spins as well as going from side to side.
Next we went on another roller coaster called cyclone. Had to queue for an hour to get on a 30 second ride.. I recognised a guy that i used to goto school with that i sat next to on the ride. He was in year 12 when i was in year 8 and i still remembered his face!  The roller coaster has two loop the loops and heaps of twists and turns.

The Claw:

After that we had lunch at the big brother cafe :)

I was pretty sick of the queues at this point with most rides with a 45-60 min wait, so i jumped on the steam train and did 4 laps of the park, a total of 80 mins :) after that i found the family again who only went on 1 ride in the mean time and everyone had had enough so we hit the road back to where we are staying.

Later that night dad and i went to pick up a kayak that he had bought on ebay. Turned you to be pretty much brand new and we got for less than half price. The paddle is dodge tho so we’ll have to get a new one when we return home.

Thursday 3rd: today the forecast is rain once again and we have to goto wet and wild 2day or our tickets expire. Went on a ride called black hole. Which is just your average water slide but fast and in the dark. Then i went to ‘calippo beach’  is a massive whirl pool where you sit in donuts. Not exactly the most breath taking ride around but it beats waiting in 1 hour queues.. As you already tell by now id rather do anything but stand in a queue getting rained on :) then the family raced on a ride where you get a mat and slide down after you get the green light. Dad and i worked out you cant cheat, as gd you go before the green light you get fouled and you dont get a ranking at the end :(

Friday (today): after 3 theme parks in a row and getting fried in the sun yesterday at wet and wild, today is being used to recover and sleep pretty much all day apart from playing some cards and swimming in the pool :)

Hope your having fun on your holidays. Catch up with you all soon when i get back on the 10th


Ps. Sorry if theres heaps of spelling mistakes and stuff doesnt make sense. Im typing on my phone using dictionary and im also to lazy to proof read what i have written :P

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