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Speed Limits On …


Following on from my previous policing rant, i wanted to make another observation.

Here’s a thought, what if the speed of cars was limited to 110km/h. Well for starters we wouldn’t need highway patrol anymore, secondly, we wouldn’t have crazy P Platers going 150, overtaking every little turtle to and fro. 110km-h

Why would you need to travel more than 110km/h? Sure, emergency vehicles could be an exception to the rule, but everyone else, there’s no need to travel more than 110km/h if its AGAINST THE LAW.

Now how could this be implemented? Well they did it in some European countries, and they somewhat do it in cars here. That is, new cars have a computer that stops the engine from hitting the red in your taco metre. This could be implemented the same way for speed, on all new cars brought in, if the Government brought in a new policy.

There is a few problems associated with this though. If your a mechanic, you could probably just bypass it or pay someone to do it, opening up a new black market for “fast car mods.”

Thoughts? Come on, you disagree don’t you… but why?

  • Haha, limiting rpm is a very different story to limiting speed. For example, changing your tyres from 15 inch to 20 inch makes your speedometer about 20% inaccurate.
    As for the ideological foundation, I think that while it would be good, the problem is that sometimes tipping the 110 mark is better (a situation that comes to mind is where people go slow in single lane then speed up in double lane, because double lane is easier to drive on. In a hard limit situation, it would be impossible to overtake that person).
    I disagree that emergency vehicles should be allowed to speed, the speed limit should be the maximum safe speed for a road, and an emergency vehicle is no more safe than any other car.
    However, I agree that P-platers cars should have some kind of limitation (beyond no turbos and kilowatt limits). I do not think it would be hard to install an accelerometer or something in a P-platers car to determine the actual speed. The problem, though, is that you can quite easily kill yourself or someone else at the ‘safe speed’ of 50k. Which means that we need to do something about the recklessness of new drivers.
    18 years old to get L’s. 20 for P’s. 25 for Blacks. Take the hormones out of the equation.Too easy.


    May 29, 2010

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