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Free French Toast Recipe

 I like to enjoy french toast for my lunch break during my day at home working, What do you like?

Recipe For French Bread.


  •  2 Eggs
  • Milk
  • 4 Pieces of bread
  • 4×1 teaspoon butter
  • BBQ Sauce


  • In a bowl put the 2 eggs in and a dash of milk, (experiment on how eggy/milky you like your bread) and mash around with a fork until your liquid mixture is orange with dark orange bits forming at the top.
  • Heat frypan up and place your first teaspoon of butter in it, swirlling round. If the butter starts to go brown and darken at any point during your cooking, turn the heat down, your pan is to HOT! (You may also need to turn your heat off at certian stages of your cooking just to keep the pan cool enough to stop burning the butter when it enters the pan.)
  • Now soak your bread in the bowl of eggy/milk (careful not to much or you will run out of eggy/milk) just covering all bits of the break and place in your frypan. Each side will take 1-2 mins, but i check just in case every 20 seconds until bread is nice and brown like mine in the picture. Flip it and do the same to the other side. On the second side move it around so it soaks up the aleft over butter in the pan., (also cleans your pan for the next piece)
  • Now place on a plate, cover the top with BBQ sauce and eat with knife and fork. MMmm :)
  • Repeat for the other bread each time placing a teaspoon of butter in the pan.

PS. For more people/bread add 1 egg per piece of bread. Most people may only want 2 pieces, just use 1 egg.

PPS. Got any better tips that i can improve my french toast recipe? Let me know…

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