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Archive for October, 2007


22 Subscribers – Who Wants A Free Lunch?

So apparantly after looking at the latest feedburner stats i have 22 readers which also means i am 73.3% complete on my goal of having 30 readers by the end of this year. Read More & Get A Free Lunch… ->


What is your IP? New Tool – The Fastest Way To Find Out…

Everyone once in a while needs to know there IP whether your using a program that scans a website to work out and post your ip online; this site is everything that! Very fast, just loads you ip centered in the page!

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A Fraction Clock For All Those Pure Mathematic Savys

Picture Of The Week:


The Ultimate Tree House Mansion

Check out these pictures of a tree house designed by Roderick Romero for the actor Val Kilmer, what a view!

Click here to see the whole article and view more pictures.



Barry is the name and he will blow you away…

Meet my new car!!! "Barry" has traveled 148167 Km’s over his life and has been well looked after throughout that time, Barry is fitted with Dual Airbags and Roof Racks. Read More About Barry ->


Dear HSC…

Well I have my first exam tomorrow and I’m pumped :)

Just wanted to share with you what my friend James wrote on a MySpace bulletin, I liked it so here it is: Read More ->