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Pimp up your kitchen/bathroom sink!

I just fell in love with this.. and i dont know why. but you should get one! now just to convine the parents to allow it on the sink so we can have some tap bling!

Temperature Sensing Glow Tap 

With a universal adaptor (to fit 95% of taps) – you just fit it to the end of your tap (it installs in under a minute). It features a long lasting bright LED that’s activated by water pressure – tap goes on, light goes on, tap goes off, you get the picture…

Every nightclub should have one! And forget fumbling around at three in the morning for a glass of water, or feeling around for the light switch. The Temperature Sensing Glow Tap has both covered!

Pimp your sink…with a Temperature Sensing Glow Tap!

click here!

(and no i dont get paid if you click that :(





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