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Archive for May, 2008


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Where does the name Evans come from?

I new my name was welsh but didnt know iw was the plural of evan :)

The surname Evans is derived from the Welsh boy’s name Evan. Evan itself is a more English spelling of a much older Welsh name, Ieuan. This is the original Welsh version of John; John is derived from an ancient Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious." Other versions of this name in Welsh include Ifan and Iefan.

A number of given names have become surnames with a "s" added: Peters, Stevens and Johns are a few examples.

Conclusion: Remember that our god is gracious when you hear my name.


SMSFun acquires LeTXT!

Big news today on the online smsfront.



My New Design Site Launch

Well i now have my very own shrine. For all your website development needs head over to Design Rae

I’m very proud of it, it’s very clean, very web 2.0 and looks extremely sexy. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions to improve it?


Nerds Stole My Girlfriend By Daniel Godden

FREE Song!

Heres a great song that was sung by Daniel Godden while i was leading on phat camp.

Directly download it here


Amazing Coke AD

This would of taking some brains and lots of $$ to think of this one.

Check it out