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NiteEV Live Album Out Soon!


I wanted to share with you my newest website design project,

The website has is finally ready for album release this friday the 12th of december after many hard hours putting it together within 1-2 weeks of time.  It was my first time managing a digital download system through a online shop, which was tough, but many hours has paid off. I used a Cubecart 3.0 install which handled the digital downloads nicely. It lets you choose how many times the user can download it once they buy it and also how long before the download link expires.

NiteEV is releasing their first worship CD and it sounds like no other.  Daniel Godden said, “We wanted to record something that wasn’t a sweetened up studio version of our songs, but rather an authentic expression of who we are, what we live for, and some of the joy we have in singing together as a church to our Saviour and to each other.”

A whole unmastered song has just been released on my myspace, you should check it out here.

So pretty much what I’m trying to say here is, BUY IT, Its AWESOME!!! It comes out this friday, and the physical CD will be shipped and get to you before christmas :) – 12th December 2008

  • Sweet man.
    Good work.

    Link at bottom is broken. Should read (less the live)


    December 10, 2008

  • indeed it was. thanks mate.


    December 10, 2008

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