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Archive for April, 2010


I’ve turned into a coffee addict :/

So after nearly 21 years I’ve started hitting the caffeine! My house mate is a Brewster and apparently the coffee was pretty good so i started drinking it to see what all the fuss was about.

To date i have had about 8 coffees now, and 3 types. Yesterday i had 4 shots within the hour, i was feeling quite tired and it helped.

  • 1st – House mates is like $45/kilo stuff and i rate the best out of the three obviously. He’s pretty good at doing the art as well
  • 2nd – Gloria Jeans, was not to bad. Not as creamy and smooth as 1st.
  • 3rd – McDonalds, of which i’ve had the most of, but tastes a bit like dirt. If you drink it enough you get used to the dirty flavour though ha! When i also acknowledge I’ve had one during the day i get dis-owned by my house mate because apparently it tastes so bad, so there you go.

So what coffee do you like and where’s your favourite places to go?

IMG_0582[2] IMG_0588[2]


Latest tech & cool gadget Roundup #1


crowne-plaza-energy-bikeCrowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has installed two electricity-producing bicycles which are connected to the hotel’s main electricity supply. Guests who pedal hard enough not only get a dose of environmental feel-goodness, but can also score a complimentary meal. h/t Giz mag


Japanese gadget giant Thanko. Its full-size USB keyboard is broken into four connected quarter segments, allowing it to be folded over into a pocket-size rectangular shape. h/t gizmag


Robot floor cleaners designed to free us from the drudgery of keeping the house clean are nothing new. Robotic vacuum cleaners, such as the Roomba, Electrolux Trilobite and Neato XV-11, have already found a place patrolling the carpet in many homes, and now the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner that was first announced at CES in January is nearly ready to report for duty on hard surface floors. h/t gizmag

FPS Jacket

A surgeon, who was trying to develop a system for remotely diagnosing prisoners, designed the FPS Vest. It has four pockets in the front, four in the back, and connects to a small USB-powered air compressor. Different pockets will activate to varying degrees, depending on what’s happening to you in the game. The FPS can apparently simulate hits from a pistol or an Uzi, along with the sensations of explosions, stabbings, rocket hits, and falling (one would assume they actually mean “landing”.) h/t gizmag


Police come out from hiding on long weekends

On the Anzac long weekend i observed the police doing a great job. Wherever you go driving/walking you see them everywhere! I drove right round the coast from Gosford to Copa and on every drive i would pass at least one copper. I also got RBT’d for the first time in a year and heard the freeways were crawling with them.

Normally on my weekends i wlots-of-police-cars ould rarely see one. Now my question is, why only on a long weekend? More demerit points, but no increase in fines, so its not like they get extra profit from pulling one person over than they usually would, just that there’s more of them round, so they would catch more people.

Why cant they do this all year round? If everyday someone went for a drive and they saw a policemen i think speeding would be reduced massively and thus less accidents to! So where do these extra policemen come from on double demerit points????

Once more, i am coming home from uni and in front of me is a red P plater going 30km/h over his speed limit.



IM B B B Back!

Long time no see. In fact nearly one whole year! I’ve been hiding away being busy. Forgot i even had a blog until my lovely lady digged it up and starting reading back embarrassing posts!

So whats new? Whats been happening?


  • My Church got a new building and it has been sweeeet! EV Church has grown heaps and is bringing many more people to Christ.
  • I moved out of home. Bought my own little place in gosford aka code named the ROCKETSHIP!!, 2250 represent!
  • Bought a new car to go with the house as my other one blew up! A White Getz, everyone now bags me out for driving a grandma car.
  • I scored a lovely girlfriend <3 !
  • Been to QLD selling kayaks here and there. Been running a kayak shop in Gosford full time as well as doing part time uni one day a week.
  • Got some new clients on the computer business side of things and is all going well.
  • My site is now ranked 4th for Rhys Evans on google. Yeaaaaaaa
  • Turning 21 in just under 2 weeks!
  • With Virgin mobile now and sending them broke with free sms rates

Future posts will be more tech related and will be helpful for business/individuals in becoming more efficient and up to date with whats happening in the wide world web of techhh.

New Car - White Hyundai Getz